So you’ve already had the Ministry 101 training, the CET and the BBKD. What’s the next step for you? The key to any ministry is to keep growing. Besides continuing your ministry in helpdesk or reintegration or support group, GFM also offers a monthly meeting slash seminar where you can continually learn more about the OFW phenomena.
The OFW Ministry Network is composed of churches and organizations that already have an OFW ministry. They meet every last Wednesday of the month. Every meeting, a key speaker is also invited to explain more details about the OFW phenomena so the participants can keep on learning. It could come from OWWA, POEA, NRCO, NLRC, and other OFW-centric organizations.
If you want to join the meeting, kindly notify GFM Communications Officer Jaia Labastilla through her mobile number 0908-390-9358.

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