A helpdesk worker is someone who is trained to assist in helpdesk cases. The OFW world is tricky, and it mostly concerns the government, and believe me, you’ll need rigorous training to be familiarized with all of it. GFM offers a Basic Helpdesk Training for those who want to become a helpdesk worker. But if you still want to know more, you can attend the CET or the Capability Enhancement Training, facilitated by POEA.
POEA and GFM have a special arrangement and one of this is that GFM can invite POEA to hold CETs for their volunteers. The CET is a free two-day training where POEA teaches the volunteers about illegal recruitment, government agencies, modus operandi of recruiters, and (dagdagan pa). They require at least 50 participants to be able to hold a CET. POEA will also certify you after the training.
If you are interested to join in a CET, please contact GFM Training & Partnership Director, Pastor Rene Bunsoy through his mobile number 0917-626-2800.

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