Jessica Godoy, with hopes and dreams, decided to work overseas particularly in Saudi Arabia. Her local agency specifically stipulated in the contract that she will be working for someone as a domestic helper. In 2019, she worked for her employer’s sister who has an aging and bedridden mother.
Thus, she had to work as a caregiver and a domestic helper. In effect, she was not only lacking rest but also deprived of food sustaining her. The maltreatment didn’t stop. And while she was doing the laundry, her male employer attempted to molest her, that she ran scarily. He was also threatening her.
Ptr. Marlon, who is an OFW minister at GFC in Bulacan, was able to assist her in repatriation. Finally, with the help of the Lord and the assistance of GFM through POEA and BBCC, she was repatriated on February 5, 2020
//Pastor Marlon Santos and Pastor Willy Dingle