Pastor Jun Gaviola
Pastor Jun Gaviola, GFM Executive Director

I am Jun Gaviola, at your service. I greet you with a sense of gratitude to our Almighty God for the New Year 2021. Beginning this January, I begin my term as the Executive Director of the Global Filipino Movement. I am looking forward to serving our fellow kababayang OFWs.

We at GFM envisioned ourselves serving our Overseas Filipino Workers and their respective families. Over the years, GFM has worked tirelessly to help our modern-day heroes be transformed as change agents, self-reliant, and empowered individuals with the help of the body of believers. We have been at the forefront of looking into the plight of our overseas Filipino workers, connecting the distressed OFWs to various government agencies to address their problems in the soonest and shortest time.

GFM COOL Project Staff following up contacts
Even during the bleakest time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we mobilized and partnered with the Church, and continued to care and share the love of God to this vulnerable sector of our society through online social media platforms.  We are encouraged to share with you how God has blessed our ministry through the programs and impact brought about by our partnership, both online and offline, and much more.
GFM recognizes the family as an important component of our society. Conversely, the church plays an important role. A growing number of OFWs in recent years left thousands of families fatherless or motherless for uncertain periods; OFWs coming home unprepared, some returning home without saving their hard-earned money wondering what life has in store for them.
To address this, we mobilized partner churches to empower our OFWs here and abroad to better prepare them for their eventual return to their families. We have partnered with different companies, successful private entrepreneurs, and government agencies to provide training on livelihood and possible resource funding. This is part of GFM’s goals of reintegrating the OFWs into our society and reuniting them with their families.
We are looking forward to continuing our task of mobilizing the body of Christ to equip Overseas Filipino Workers and their families who transform nations. We want to see transformed OFWs with their entire families under God. We endeavor to see them empowered in the aspects of faith, strong family ties and improved quality of life and as worthy representatives of our country, both here and abroad.
Thank you for standing with GFM in 2020, and we look forward to serving with you this 2021 and in the years to come.

Pastor Jun Gaviola
GFM Executive Director