Do you know about your rights, defenses, laws and benefits?

Most OFWs just think about going abroad and the compensation they will get monthly. Even though the government has installed programs like the PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) and the PEOS (Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar), most OFWs still go abroad without knowing any laws, benefits, rights or defenses that they are entitled to. That’s why GFM has taken the initiative to inform the OFWs of the things they are unaware of.

BBKD stands for batas, benepisyo, karapatan, and depensa. During the seminar, these will be discussed to the participants. You might think now that it’s a boring topic, but once you understand that there is so much you are missing as an OFW, your ears will pop open too.

The BBKD seminar is done as the need arises. It can be customized as a half-day event to brush up on all four topics, or it can also be a whole day event, where all four topics are discussed extensively. The speaker is the GFM Helpdesk Director who has been in the OFW ministry for 20 years, first as an OFW herself, then as a recruitment agent, and then finally as an OFW advocate. She has been awarded by GMA last 2015 for being an excellent OFW advocate. Her name is Teodora Inabayan, Jr., most commonly known as Tita June.

If you want to host a BBKD in your church or community, please get in touch with any GFM staff or call us at (02) 669-1808 or email us at

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