As a Christian organization, GFM strongly believes in the power of unity. That’s why, in the GFM Mission, our mission is to mobilize the Body of Christ. While that directly pertains to the churches that work in Jesus’ Name, we at GFM also believe that the government agencies and other organizations can be God’s tool to work for the OFWs in the Philippines. That’s why this year, we’re inviting different organizations in the OFW sector to sit down to a Roundtable Discussion.
The Roundtable Discussion is to be held in the (BPI venue) on October 23, 2017, Monday. Among those invited to attend are POEA, OWWA, Blas Ople Center, NRCO, Pag-Ibig, and Philhealth. GFM will facilitate the discussion. All the proceedings will be carefully documented and passed to (–).
If you are interested to join this event, please coordinate with GFM Marketing Assistant Gab San Pedro through his mobile number 0936-145-2216.

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