Our tagline in GFM is “your OFW ministry partner” because that’s what we aim to be.  We are present in all stages of the OFW journey from conceptualization to reintegration. Here are a list of things that GFM does for the OFWs:

  • Helpdesk for OFW concerns

We help OFWs wherever they are and whatever their circumstance is in. We’ve helped in all sorts of concerns ranging from illegal recruitment, sickness, unpaid salaries, sickness, deportation, and even death benefits.

  • Informative seminars for OFWs and OFW families

Most OFWs and even their families, don’t know anything about the services and programs that the government has for them. All they look forward to is going abroad and the compensation their employers will give to them. The truth is, the government has good programs for OFWs and their weakness is the information dissemination. With our list of seminars, we hope to inform the OFWs of the things they often miss. Not only from the programs that the government offers, but also from other OFW-centered organizations.

  • Trainings to start an OFW ministry

  • Partnership activities

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