We provide FREE assistance to OFWs in distress. Some issues we’ve already tackled include repatriation, unpaid salaries, illegal recruitment, abuse from employer, abuse from recruiter, unclaimed benefits, and many more.

Seminars & Trainings

We offer informative seminars to OFWs and OFW family members regarding laws, benefits, rights, and even government agencies and other services that OFWs can learn and avail of. We also offer training for pastors and church workers who want to be included in an OFW ministry. If you want to know more, click on the JOIN THE MOVEMENT tab.


We hold different events to gather OFWs in a community, or gather stakeholders to discuss the OFW agenda. If you want to know more, please click on the EVENTS tab.

He got his son back!

One of our success helpdesk cases is Mr. Efren Hendeve and his wife (pictured on left). Mr. Hendeve is a municipal driver in San Mateo, Rizal. His son, Joseph Dominic, was an OFW. A car accident on the hot roads of Saudi Arabia claimed his life. After five months of seeking help from some government offices, from politicians, and even from a famous radio program, he still has not seen his son’s body. A pastor in the San Mateo community referred Mr. Hendeve to GFM. After a few weeks, his son’s body was in their home. They were able to give him a five-day burol before they buried him in the community cemetery. If you have cases similar to his, you can contact GFM!

OFW Family Day

GFM holds an OFW Family Day for its partner communities every once in a while. When the time is ripe for the church’s OFW ministry, GFM helps it organize an OFW Family Day where it introduces the OFW ministry to the community. If you want to have an OFW ministry in your community, read more about our trainings in the TRAINING tab.

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Smart World

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