2018 Breakthrough Statistics:

17,408 Heard the Gospel

Our POEA Team shares the Gospel to the thousands of OFWs that come to POEA everyday. Our partners in Hong Kong also share the Gospel to the hundreds of OFWs that arrive in the airport everyday. GFM shares the Gospel wherever we go!

25 Churches started an OFW Support Group

GFM mobilizes churches to answer the call and participate in ministering to OFW families. We see OFW families as having a peculiar set of needs and we want to see OFW families helping each other within the church.

15 OFW Family Days all over the country

An OFW Family Day serves as a bridge event for the OFWs in a community to learn about the efforts of a nearby church to reach out to them. We strive to help partner churches all over the country to reach out to OFWs in their community.

13,394 Prayed to Receive Christ

Out of the 15,000+ that heard the Gospel, 2,294 from the POEA ministry prayed to receive Jesus Christ in their lives, 3,591 from the Hong Kong airport ministry, and 265 from sharing the Gospel in a partner training center.

400 Helpdesk Cases Resolved!

GFM Helpdesk Department actively helps out OFWs in distress. Some of our top resolved cases involve illegal recruitment, repatriation, money claims, illegal termination, unpaid salaries, abuse by employer, and many more.

9,931 OFWs reached through the Hong Kong Airport Ministry

We recognize that Hong Kong plays a pivotal role in the OFW industry. GFM has partnered with Filipino pastors in Hong Kong that reach out to OFWs arriving in the airport everyday. They share the Gospel, pray for them, give them food, a FREE sim card and invite them to church!

194 churches inspired for the OFW ministry

The GFM Training & Mobilization Team actively casts the vision to churches so that more churches will be inspired to do mission to OFWs and their families. GFM has inspired more than 300 churches for the OFW ministry in 2017.

1,200 heard the BBKD all over the Philippines

BBKD stands for Batas, Benepisyo, Karapatan, Depensa for OFWs. GFM strives hard to move the message to as much OFWs as possible for them to know their basic information before they head out of the country.

9 New Institutional Partners

As GFM strives to make our programs and services better for our stakeholders, we’ve partnered with institutions that have the same mind of ministering to OFWs. Praise God!

Helpdesk Success Story

Most of the time, stressful OFW problems affect people like the couple on the right – normal Filipinos who lead normal lives. This couple lost their son in a car accident on the hot roads of Saudi Arabia. They couldn’t get his body back even though they’ve already sought help from so many people and institutions.

They heard wind that GFM helps OFWs through their local pastor. They’ve been waiting for five months, but within two weeks, they already held the body of their son. He was not coming back to life, but at least, he came back home.

Bagong Bayani Ka Daw?

Many OFWs that have been abroad for years still don’t know about laws and benefits that they are entitled to. That why GFM takes it to their shoulders to share information dissemination to OFWs and OFW families.

BBKD stands for batas, benepisyo, karapatan and depensa. It is a three-hour seminar that shares the laws and rights to OFWs. It covers the RA 10022, PD 8042, OWWA programs and services, POEA programs and services, among other topics covered. Most OFWs and surprised after hearing that there are many things they have not yet availed of. If you want to schedule one for your community, check out the EVENTS panel.

If you want to share your blessings to the ministry of GFM, kindly send your donations to our Banco De Oro (BDO) savings account 004950328088

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